Lahariya Loota Ye Raja Arkestra Video 2017

Lahariya Loota Ye Raja Arkestra HD Video Song 2017

Lahariya Loota Ye Raja Arkestra video song is in HD quality and sound quality is SD.

Dancer Name:- Mansi Sinha
Video Title:- Lahariya Loota Ye Raja Arkestra
Video Publisher:- Top Bhojpuri Arkestra
Videomaker:- HD Arkestra Group

This Arkestra video song is in the Bhojpuri language for this reason this song is very famous in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
Lahariya Loota Ye Raja is the best song in Bhojpuri cinema and In addition, the best thing in this Arkestra music is composing DJ BHOJPURI ORCHESTRA, due to this, this dance show became even better.
Mansi Sinha is the dancer of  Arkestra video Most of the arkestra or dance program dancers are from Bengal.
This artist performing almost every stage show like wedding party, reception party, Jagran, Durga puja dance show, event, etc.
Mansi gives different expressions during his dance performance, due to his expression is very attractive.
All the dancers are famous due to their dance steps, in the same way, Mansi is famous due to his dance expression.
When Mansi comes to perform a dance on stage and gives different expression in front of the audience, the audience gets mad on their expression.
She is one of the fabulous Dancer in Arkestra Industry because the style of dancing is different from others.

Mansi Sinha Arkestra Dancer
Mansi Sinha Arkestra Dancer

This song is the very popular song of Bhojpuri and due to very demandable for Arkestra dance. Mansi has done a very good dance performance on this song, and many dancers have performed on this song but Mansi’s dance is incredible, Almost Bhojpuri listener and Arkestra video watcher love this girl too much.

Some click of this dancer when she was performing “Lahariya Loota Ye Raja Arkestra”:-

Mansi performing her performance
Arkestra dance stage side
Manshi Sinha Attract to people over the dance
Lahariya Loota ye raja Arkestra(Mansi)
Mansi Sinha expressed dance step

This Arkestra video song, “Lahriya Loota Ye Raja” is a Bihari folk song and This song is taken from superhit Bhojpuri movie “Pratigya”.

Original Song / Movie / Cast and Crew / Lyrics of Lahriya Loota Ye Raja Arkestra

Lahriya Loota Ye Raja is super-duper hit song of Bhojpuri and that movie is also blockbuster which is the song of the movie.
Indu Sonali has sung this song. Sonali is one of the popular and top female Singer in Bhojpuri Industry.
Apart from a very talented singer, she is well- known for giving dazzling performance in pollywood.
She has sung more than 300 Movies and more than 50 music albums.
Indu Sonali is a playback singer who is famous for her superhit songs in the Bhojpuri language of the Bhojpuri Cinema World based in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh of India.
Indu Sonali made her debut as the playback singer in Bhojpuri Film “Panditji Batai Na Biah Kab Hoi” in which Rajesh Gupta was the Music Director.
Sonali is born on 7th Nov 1978 in Bhagalpur, Bihar and She completed her education in Bihar.
Her idol in the Bhojpuri Film Industry is Sharda Sinha.
Besides Bhojpuri, she has sung for movies in Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali languages as well.
Indu is dieheart fan of singer Lata Mangeshkar.
Now come on this song’s movie, As we have already mentioned, this song is taken from Pratigya Movie which is Blockbuster movie.
Pratigya is Bhojpuri musical drama film, and this movie directed by Sushil Kumar Upadhyay.
The film starring Dinesh Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh, Pakhi hedge, and Sonali Joshi in film lead role.
The film is produced by Anil Samrat, Written by Sanjay Rai, Music by Dhananjay Mishra, and Distributed by Venus Films.
This movie is released on 1 February 2008.

Lahriya Loota Ye Raja Arkestra More related song || Pratigya Movie songs

“Ae Hamar Jaada Ke Rajayi” – Manoj Mishra, Khushboo Jain
“Bahiya Me Aawa Na” – Kalpana Patowary
“Bhagwan Badi Fursat Se” – Pawan Singh
“Jab Lagawelu Tu Lipistic” – Pawan Singh
“Kari Kajarari Tohar Khanki Kataar” – Manoj Mishra, Indu Sonali
“Ke Kara Sahare Jiab” – Kavita Krishnamurthy
“Lahariya Loota Ae Raja” – Indu Sonali
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“Payal Tohar Kare Ghayal Jiya” – Pawan Singh, Kumar Sanu, Manoj Mishra
“Tohra Se Ankhiya Ladi Ladi” – Indu Sonali, Dinesh Lal Yadav

Lahariya Loota Ye Raja Arkestra Song Lyrics:-

loota ye raja… loota ye raja…
Muhwa pe daal ke chadariya Lahariya loota ye raja -2
Lahariya loota ye raja -2
Muhwa pe daal ke chadariya lahariya loota ye raja -2

(Dhara na kamariya me bara maza paiba
Othwa se othwa tu jetne sataiba)-2
Masti me man doli, Jaise kholwa choli -2
Batamiya, batamiya…
batamiya khola ye raja, batamiya khola ye raja
chhalki jawan ke gagariya, lahariya loota ye raja
Muhwa pe dal ke chadariya, lahariya loota ye raja…

(Dekh ke tohar chadhal jawani muh me aabe paani
Tani chikha da humra ke bahiya me aaba rani) -2
Man karela ki kari hum tohar puniyaaa,
Kaahe lalche la ye lahri chhaila,
Naahi tohra se bachi ee hamaar buniya,
Naahi tohra se bachi rasdar buniya

Dharke la dhak dhak tohre la chhatiya,
kara ye kareja tani pyar wali batiya,
Ghaqr me humka lga da, khojiya me tu suta da-2
Dhibariya, dhibariya,
Dhibariya buta da ye raja, dhibariya buta da ye raja,
Kaida anhaar kothariya lahariya loota ye raja
Muhwa pe daal ke chadariya, lahriya loota ye raja -2

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